About Us

Proper expertise is needed in fence installation endeavors. On the surface, the processes of fence installation seem uncomplicated. How difficult can digging and fitting a fence post be?

The truth is fence installation is a daunting task and a small error can spell trouble for the whole project. One uneven post, or one unstable pole can compromise the entire fence in terms of integrity and aesthetics. There is very little margin of error allowable for every project. Knowing that fence installation is a delicate task, it is advisable that every property owner hires a fence contractor in San Diego for their fencing needs.

The San Diego Fence Company is a trusted homegrown name, known in the fence installation business for almost two decades. We have built fences and customized cages, enclosures, and kennels to scores of satisfied property owners. With this, we offer our services to you should you need some fencing in San Diego.

Having been in the business since 2002, we witnessed how the demands of property owners have changed over time. In the same way, we also saw how recent technological advances altered the landscape for every fence company in San Diego. Therefore, one of our aims as a company is to keep up with the latest in all things fencing to make sure we do not get left behind. It is important for us that the latest modern fence materials, improved techniques, and modernized gadgets and technologies are available to our patrons.

If you have not yet had a fence project before, chances are, you are already looking around for a suitable contractor. Many fence builders in San Diego may have already contacted you and offered you ornamental steel fences for very temptingly cheap prices, or chain link fences that are a better bargain than they already are. While these offers are enticing, we encourage you to think twice. Choosing an established name over a novice may mean you have to pay more, but you can peacefully sleep at night knowing that your projects are well-taken care of. Frankly, paying for substandard services may cost you more in repairs and reinstallation in the long run.

Every successful company operates under a certain set of principles and values to guide every member of the team in all tasks, big or small. Fence companies like us are no exception when it comes to upholding principles. Here are some of the values we believe in.

First, we never compromise safety. A project that had safety issues can never be considered successful. We make it to a point to never endanger anyone during any phase of the project. We always make it our duty to keep our customers and team members safe.

Second, we value respect. Respect comes in many forms. For a fence company like us, we respect the agreed schedule by fulfilling our tasks without delay. We also respect local laws by securing permits.

Third, we operate under adaptive leadership. Some changes can be unpredictable, which drive us to adapt.

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