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Proper expertise is needed in fence installation endeavors. On the surface, the processes of fence installation seem uncomplicated. How difficult can digging and fitting a fence post be?

The truth is fence installation is a daunting task and a small error can spell trouble for the whole project. One uneven post, or one unstable pole can compromise the entire fence in terms of integrity and aesthetics.

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Fences are structures that surround an outdoor area. These fences are usually found outside, although there may be some exceptions, like temporary fencing. They are usually made from boards composed of different materials kike wood, vinyl, wire mesh, or netting. Although fences, especially privacy type ones may look like walls, they are still considerably different.

The main feature that distinguishes fences from walls is that walls have solid foundation throughout its entire length. On the other hand, fences do not. As stated, they are usually made from posts with intervening structures in between. If you have any fence installation needs in San Diego, you came to the right place.Since 2002, we have been part of the history of fences across properties in San Diego. We have installed countless fences, and now have many new contemporary materials available at your disposal.

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Today, fences serve many functions.

 They are more than just structures that partition your place. They are more than barriers that help you delineate the limits of your property. Fences are now ordered as a finishing touch for many types of properties. They may be used in both commercial and residential applications. In some cases, they can even add significant value to your property. The main function of fences for many property owners these days is to boost the security and give more privacy to property owners. The often-overlooked function of fences is their ability to add appeal and improve your aesthetics. The broadening purposes of fences over time increased the demand for fences in San Diego.

There are many types of fences.

 Each type may be made from a different sort of material as well. Aside from their functional and aesthetic significance, fences also have some cultural value. For example, fences have played roles in both temporary and permanent borders during wartime.

Besides these, there are also legal issues attached to fences. For example, certain agencies may have regulations that restrict the commercial or residential use of fences. There may be different requirements for different settings including industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural contexts. Moreover, in some places and for certain industries, fences are required. In consideration of these restrictions and limitations, proper permits must be secured. A good fence contractor in San Diego would know that permits are a crucial part of any fence installation project. However, securing permits need proper cooperation with the property owners in case papers and signatures will be required. For a full list of requirements which you may need to provide, call the San Diego Fence Company at 619-373-9850.

Fencing has become a necessity.

In our time, fencing has become a necessity. Even in San Diego, a fence is a more of a must rather than an option. Given the wide array of fence options to choose from, having the right fence installed is very important.

In the United States, fences became an important commodity when the settlers started owning lands. They need fences to separate their property from that of their neighbor. Therefore, the beginning of land ownership signaled the start of the use of fences in many settings. Nowadays, laws about fences are unique across the different states. Since creating fences were a property owner’s personal responsibility in the olden times, common folk simply handled the installation process by themselves. These days, if you want a good, lasting fence installed, you will have to look for a reputable fence company in San Diego.

We, at the San Diego Fence Company, strive to fulfill everyone’s fence needs, should you need one that is fancy, or one that is simple. Having catered to hundreds of pleased clients in our almost two decades in the industry, we believe that we have proven ourselves adept and competent in our field of service.  If you need a free estimate, we are one call away at 619-373-9850

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One of the things we value most in our line of work is careful and thorough planning for even the smallest projects. Fence installation is no funny business. There is a very small room to commit mistakes. As one of the most trusted fence builders in San Diego, we make sure that we proceed with your project from start to finish without being hampered by glitches and technical difficulties.
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fences portray a cultural significance

On top of all these, fences portray a cultural significance to us as humans. Over the centuries, fences have been used in metaphors as both positive and negative elements. But whether fences are portrayed as “bad” or “good” is not what is important in these metaphors. This fact simply reflects that fences are woven in our history as people.

Vinyl Fence Installation
San Diego

Fences made from alternative non-traditional materials are becoming increasingly popular over the years. This was made possible by the various technological developments happening during our time. In the fencing industry, one of the most popular fence types these days are vinyl fences. When it comes to a modern-looking fence that also offers great resistance to forces, durability, and weatherability, a vinyl fence is one of the prime choices these days.

SimTek Fence Installation
San Diego

There are many alternative fence options available in the market today. One of the modern fence types is the SimTek fence. These are made form polyethylene but made and designed to look like a stone wall. There are many reasons why SimTek fences are increasing in popularity today. Many property owners favor them for their aesthetic appeal, eco-friendliness, soundproofing abilities, durability, and a convenient installation process.

Steel and Aluminum Fence Installation San Diego

Choosing a fence material may be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the different fence types available. If you are adding a fence around your property for any purpose it may serve, you must choose a material which can answer to the needs and requirements you specifically have.If you are looking for something that can maximize the purposes a fence may serve, consider choosing metal such as steel or aluminum for your next fence project.

1) Do you Offer Free Estimates?

Yes, we do give free estimates. The good news is the San Diego Fence Company provides free estimates for every type of fence project. We know that every project that involves your property requires serious consideration, so we offer a convenient estimation process. After contacting us, a part of our crew will come to your site to do some measurements which will be needed to make an estimate. These measurements will be sent over to our office staff, who will facilitate the main estimation process. Get in touch with us today by contacting 619-373-9850 to get an estimate at no cost.

2) How soon you can Install my Fence?

How soon a fence can be installed will be affected by many factors. Some of these factors include the need for fabrication, the extent of customization, the need for meticulous permits, and the size of the project itself. The range of waiting time for the installation at the shortest is two to four weeks, and at the longest is at five to six weeks. Projects with premade materials like vinyl and SimTek may take less time to install since the items are readily available. On the other hand, ornamental steel and aluminum fences that need extensive fabrication may take much longer.

3) How long will my fence Installation take?

You may expect some waiting time from the time you order a fence until it gets installed. However, the installation process itself will take much less time. At the San Diego Fence Company, we have a standard time frame for fence installation. It usually takes about one week. At least three working days are included within the week. These are separated by breaks in between. The days in between are very important to help in the installation process, which may need some time for letting the materials cure or settle. An additional two to three weeks is expected for larger projects.

4) Will you obtain a Fence permit for my Project?

We will obtain all the required permits for your fence, since we are a fence company that is regulated by local property modification rules and regulations. These permits are important to help protect property owners, and even companies like us from possible complaints and even litigations. Moreover, there may be some restrictions for your fence which may limit some aspects of the project. You may directly get in touch with us to obtain a complete list of the papers and requirements you will have to prepare to help secure these permits immediately. For the full list of requirements, call us through 619-373-9850.

5) What types of fencing materials do you install?

We offer many types of fence materials because the needs for every project will vary. We offer materials that range from traditional ones to alternative options. Some of these include wood, chain link, brick, steel, aluminum, and non-traditional newer items such as polyvinyl chloride, and SimTek. Under many of these materials, there are still different types of fences available. For instance, a vinyl fence may be available in privacy styles, contemporary designs, or ornamental forms. Wood may also come in these forms. For others, metal like steel or aluminum may range from simple designs to intricate, fancy, or ornamental ones.