Vinyl Fence Installation Brooklyn

Fences made from alternative non-traditional materials are becoming increasingly popular over the years. This was made possible by the various technological developments happening during our time. In the fencing industry, one of the most popular fence types these days are vinyl fences. When it comes to a modern-looking fence that also offers great resistance to forces, durability, and weatherability, a vinyl fence is one of the prime choices these days.

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC. This synthetic material is basically a form of plastic. The polymers of the PVC resin are mixed with special ingredients that render the great advantages of vinyl as a material.

Vinyl is a very low-maintenance option when compared to other fence materials. Unlike wood, it does not easily deform, decay, break, split or blister. Unlike metals, it does not rust, peel, or chip. Moreover, it does not require intensive maintenance measures.

There is no need to regularly sand or repaint it, setting it apart from wood. Moreover, it does not need potentially harmful treatment with chemicals to prevent insect-induced damage. When dirt and debris accumulate on its surface, they can easily be washed off simply by a regular garden hose.

As mentioned, vinyl does not need treatment to keep bugs away or to protect it from weather elements. Hence, it is a safer, non-toxic option especially when you have pets or small children in your homes.

If you have toddlers who like to play in your lawn, you may allow them to get close to the fence with minimal supervision. This is because there is less risk for any injury from splinters or exposed nails, unlike wood fences. If you are conscious about environmental impacts, we have good news for you: PVC is generally recyclable for many other purposes.

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