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A guard rail also termed as “guardrails” or “protective guarding” is a specific type of fence that functions for unique situations. They delineate boundaries to prevent unauthorized access to certain places that may be dangerous, such as roadsides.


Compared to a common fence, it allows more light through, providing better visibility which may be needed for safety reasons. In highways, the main purpose of guard rails is preventing a vehicle that veered off direction from hitting structures on the side of the road. Guard rails may also prevent an errant vehicle from ramming on to trees, street signs, cliffs, or into the opposite lane.


Road accidents are not uncommon. If you have a residential or a commercial property near the side of the road, you may want consider having a guard rail installed as an extra barrier of protection against damaging your property or even injuring people who happen to be at the vicinity.

Fence installation San Diego

In addition, a good guard rail can keep the fast-moving vehicle upright, while also stopping its motion. This may vary depending on the direction where the vehicle is coming from, and the speed at which it was going.

Generally, there are many types of guard rails. Arranged from the weakest and the cheapest to the strongest and the most expensive, the types are cable, wood, steel and wood, steel box beam, and concrete barriers. The cheapest type is also the simplest one. Typically, they can be destroyed when a small vehicle would crash into it. However, repair is simple and inexpensive. The simpler types are more commonly used in rural areas with lighter traffic. On the other hand, the stronger ones such as those made from steel and metal offer more resistance against impacts from heavy and fast-moving vehicles.

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