Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation San Diego

Ornamental fencing is very popular among different types of property owners. Ornamental steel aluminum and steel fences are made from the metals steel or aluminum, which are more durable than traditional fence materials like wood. They can carry many different designs and styles that enhance the exterior of a property by complementing its beautiful architecture or your well-trimmed garden.

The advantages of having a metal fence made from either aluminum or steel are numerous. If you want something that is durable, designable, and can last for years and even decades, ornamental steel aluminum and steel fences are the best option for you. This fence type is also flexible as it can be applied for both residential and commercial purposes.

Choosing between aluminum and steel for a metal ornamental fence can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the differences of these two.

To help you make an informed choice regarding your next ornamental fence, we at the San Diego Fence Company are providing you with a quick guide to both.


Aluminum is a great choice for fencing because it is a lightweight, durable, and practically rust-resistant material. Moreover, maintenance is hassle-free. It is also very easy to clean. While it is inherently more resistant to corrosion compared to any other metal types, it is also more receptive to the power chemical coating which adds an additional layer of protection against damage. Hence, aluminum is well-suited for outdoor applications.


Steel is basically iron combined with carbon. Iron is a very strong metal that offers great resistance against forceful impacts. It can typically withstand collisions getting only minor dents. However, the disadvantage of steel is also based on its origins with iron. It can easily rust but may be protected using a special chemical coating.

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