Dumpster Enclosures Installation San Diego

If your business or commercial property has a dumpster in it, the local law may require you to also have a dumpster enclosure. A dumpster enclosure is put in place as a manner of concealing the unsightly and often messy dumpsters. Even if they are mostly only meant to hide this part of your property, they can be both practical and attractive too. A well-designed dumpster enclosure that complements the rest of your property is also an investment towards curb appeal.

At the San Diego Fence Company, we offer many types of dumpster enclosures available at reasonable costs. Specific pricing will depend on the material and the size of the enclosure. We also offer free estimates for dumpster enclosures and all other fence projects for your convenience.

In terms of materials, we have many options to choose from. Some of these are brick, metal, vinyl, and chain link. We recommend a brick enclosure for you if you are looking into maximizing your security. Brick enclosures usually come with a padlocked gate.

The height of the gates and the walls of the enclosure itself may be built tall enough to completely obstruct the view of the dumpsters. This tall height may also prevent tampering by keeping intruders out. The brick walls may also prevent odors from spreading.

If you are not very concerned with completely blocking the view of your dumpster, a chain link dumpster enclosure remains a viable option especially for those who are on a tight budget. Chain link is versatile enough to be used for dumpster enclosures. Some other factors that may affect the type of dumpster enclosure you choose is the style of your building. For instance, having bricks on your building may make it specifically suitable to opt for a brick dumpster enclosure.

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