Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation San Diego

Choosing a fence material may be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the different fence types available. If you are adding a fence around your property for any purpose it may serve, you must choose a material which can answer to the needs and requirements you specifically have.

Whether you are looking into boosting your security, adding some privacy, or beautifying your property, selecting the right material is important. If you are looking for something that can maximize the purposes a fence may serve, consider choosing metal such as steel or aluminum for your next fence project.


When choosing a metal fence, there are usually two types of metals commonly offered. These are aluminum and steel. If you are unfamiliar, these may seem so similar. They do have similarities but they each have advantages and disadvantages. To make choosing more convenient to you, here is a brief rundown for each.


Steel is a metal that is derived from iron. To make it more durable, it has been made into an alloy with carbon. It is tough enough to be to take forceful impacts. It is very resistant to bending and any structural damage. Compared to aluminum, steel may be more susceptible to rusting. However, this can be prevented by adding a special coating.


Compared to steel, aluminum is more lightweight. Even if it is lighter, it is still a durable enough material for construction purposes including fence projects. Moreover, it is relatively easy to clean and significantly more resistant to rusting than steel.

Both steel and aluminum and considerably durable. They also both offer the subtle elegance only a metal fence can provide. They can provide great security, but they may have limitations when you are looking for something that offers a little more privacy.

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