Cages & Enclosures Installation San Diego

When it comes to practicality and usefulness, nothing compares to the convenience that cages and enclosures offer. There are different types of cages and enclosures available to serve many different purposes. For the most part, cages and enclosures are used in many instances for storage. However, its functionality is not limited to that. Even sports and safety needs can be addressed by these unique products. Every type is made especially for the purpose it was intended for. Specifically, the most common types of cages and enclosures are batting cages, safety enclosures, tools cages, equipment cages, and locker cages.


These many different types of cages and enclosures share a unique feature. Almost all these items are made with intertwined steel. This configuration offers many advantages. For example, since it is open to ambient air, there is less risk of moisture being trapped and retained inside the cage or enclosure. One of the most common ways stored materials are damaged is through moisture damage. Moreover, the holes created by intertwining the steel wires are small enough to make sure that the items inside remain secure.

For best results, almost all types of cages and enclosures are made from metal. Sometimes, even galvanized steel is used.

Here are examples of cages for storage:

Tools and Equipment cages

Primarily, these are intended to keep small or large materials used in different activities. This includes construction tools and other machinery or equipment.

Locker cages

These are often used in an indoor setting, for storage of materials that need to be protected from the weather. This includes technological equipment, sports paraphernalia, and even evidence.

Here are the cages and enclosures for purposes other than storage.

Batting cage

This offers a safe and secure place where one may practice batting without the worry of hitting somebody by accident.

Safety enclosures

Commonly installed for trampolines.

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